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Fourth of July Fire Hackers, Anyone?

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On the July 4th, many people are looking forward to playing with fire: Fire crackers that is. For this week, I would like to share information from an article that I read on Philly.com.

The article’s title is: “5 dieticians weigh in: 5 tips and tricks for July 4th”. Hence “hackers” in my blog’s title. I will be discussing these food and drink hacks, so that readers can enjoy their Independence Day, guilt-free.

Theresa Shank, an RD, LDN and founder of Philly Dieititian, wrote the article describing five ways that one can stay on their diet and not fall too far off of the proverbial wagon on Monday. Her first tip is for someone to play favorites with their food. Her example is for someone to tell themselves whether or not they want to eat a hot dog, which can probably be obtained anytime during the week. However, what if someone were to eat his or her friend’s special chip dip which only comes around, perhaps once-a-year. This could stop someone from over-eating, according to Shank.

When it comes to Shank’s first tip, I tend to disagree. I think that if it’s only a few times a year, a person should be allowed to eat whatever they want to eat. Let them have the hot dog along with a hamburger, corn on the cob and potato salad. Even let he or she wash all of that grub down with an alcoholic beverage. My point is that one day is not going to ruin one’s diet if they have been working hard for months or perhaps even years.

In my opinion, it’s important that one be able to reward him or her self once-in-a-while, a cheat day if you will. I know that when I have been working hard or just like the way that I have been feeling, I might go enjoy some buffet food. One day is not going to make or break someone.

I can recall that many of memories of Fourth of July parties contain hot temperatures. So I think that Shank’s second tip, to stay hydrated is a great one. She mentions in this tip that another RD, Sharon Chan, recommends that one can fill mason jars with water, blueberries and strawberries, creating a great concoction that is not only hydration-approved, but contains other nutrients as well.

In my opinion, water is perfect at a party, especially if one is watching the old waistline. If you’re like me and not the greatest socializer, then water can help to keep you occupied without having to grab an alcoholic beverage or more food.

Shank’s third tip made me cry. Pass on the potato salad, really? Potato salad is a July 4th tradition if you ask me, and so what if it is high in fat. One only lives once, and if he or she eats potato salad one day during the summer season is it really a deal-breaker?

When it comes to Shank’s number four tip I agree with her for the second time. Independence Day without alcoholic beverages doesn’t sit well with me. Before I delve into the subject of alcohol, I want to remind all readers to please drink responsibly. Now that the PSA is over, Shank says that alcohol should not be forbidden on July 4th, but that one should stay away from the cosmos, berry martinis and margaritas because of the juice and syrup which drench your drink in calories. In lieu of these specialty drinks, another RD, Kimberly Posipanko says that light beers are a healthier alternative, containing only about 116 calories per 12 ounce bottle. This tip is good news for me because I actually prefer light beer over regular for full disclosure.

And now, the moment that you all have been waiting for…at least I hope so. Shank’s fifth tip is for someone to stick to their typical morning routine. One should eat a healthy breakfast that includes protein and healthy fats. She says that Laura Meehan RD says that when one starts his or her day off healthy, he or she is more likely to continue in those healthy efforts throughout the day.

I disagree with Meehan’s advice. I think on holidays it is ok for one to be lazy with his or her diet. Do what you want to do because it is only every once-in-a-while. It is just like drinking alcohol, everything in moderation is a key. So, on Monday, I hope everyone feels free to pig out, unless you are someone who has just made a lifestyle change or the guilt will eat away at you too much. Remember, life is too short to worry about every little thing that he or she eats.


Author: Jason Lutz

I am currently a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Communications in the Radio, TV and Film department. Being an on-air radio host or a famous blogger are my career goals. Fitness is a passion of mine and I like to inform my readers about the latest diet crazes, exercise routines and even simple, life advice. My interest in fitness and health developed when I was a junior in high school. That year I lost over eighty pounds, and I have kept a majority of the weight off.

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