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What to Expect at the Republican National Convention

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Over the next two weeks presidential candidates Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will be taking the stage in their biggest events of the election, the National Conventions.

The republicans are up first kicking off the Republican National Convention today. It began at 1 p.m in Cleveland, Ohio and will continue through Friday, July 22. The theme of the week’s events tie in with Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Each day of the event will focus on specific issues in America.

Here’s what’s going on each day this week at the convention:

Monday: “Make America Safe Again”

Today’s topics of discussion will be the events that took place in Benghazi and illegal immigration.  Many speakers are set to take the stage today including Donald Trump’s wife, Melania Trump.  Making the case for Trump about national security is retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn and several other lawmakers with military backgrounds. Also speaking today will be Willie Robertson of the A&E hit series Duck Dynasty, as well as retired U.S. Navy seal and author of the “Lone Survivor”, Marcus Luttrell.

Tuesday: “Make America Work Again”

The main topic of discussion will be the economy, but the most important business of the day will be the Republican Party officially nominating Trump for president and Indiana Gov. Mike Pence for vice president.  Two of Trump’s children, Tiffany and Donald Trump Jr, will be among the headliners for the event. Other speakers include UFC President Dana White, former candidate Dr. Ben Carson, and New Jersey’s own Gov. Chris Christie.

Wednesday: “Make America First Again”

The case being brought up today is that America has fallen behind in its leadership role in the world. The primetime show will begin at 7 p.m ET. The most important speaker of the night will be Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (GOP vice presidential candidate). Among the list of speakers for the night are son Eric Trump and former presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Marco Rubio.

Thursday: “Make America One Again”

Primetime programming will begin at 7:30 p.m ET. This will be the night that Trump takes the stage to give the most important speech of the election. Many are speculating as to whether Trump will try to appeal to a broader audience or play more to the crowd like he’s been doing. He will be introduced to the stage by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

The entire convention can be live streamed through the GOP Convention website all week long.

The Democratic National Convention is set to begin Monday, July 25 in Philadelphia. Rowan Radio will be providing coverage of the event with on-air updates and interviews all week long.


Author: Alyssa I. Compa

My name is Alyssa! I am the Public Affairs Director at Rowan Radio and the host of "A Community Affair", the "Country Road", and the co-host of the "Early Bird Special". In the Fall of 2015, I co-produced a 30 minute radio documentary about gun violence in America. The project is an award winning piece. I inspire to be a radio or television producer in the near future.

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