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Rebekah Strong Raises Money for the LGBTQ Community

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PC: Leon Purvis

By: Leon Purvis


Proud would be an understatement to describe Blackwood resident Rebekah Strong.

After the mass shooting that occurred at a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida, there has been social media out lash from the LGBTQ community across the globe. However, 22-year-old Rebekah Strong is using social media in a positive sense in honor of the Orlando shooting.

Strong will be competing in her first triathlon on August 27, which she is raising money on crowdrise.com with a goal of $1,000 for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC). The HRC is a non-profit organization that advocates equality for the LGBTQ community, and this chapter is for the Philadelphia area.

“I identify within community,” said Strong. “What happened in Orlando, the fear that this could happen to me.”

Strong feels as though the LGBTQ community are like family and that they all can empathize with each other.

This is what she had to say in an interview:




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