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What to Expect at the Democratic National Convention

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Despite the set back caused earlier this week by the wiki email leak , the Democratic National Convention is set to begin tomorrow afternoon. After the scandalous events that took place last week at the Republican National Convention, it will be interesting to see what will happen at the DNC in Philly.

Here’s what’s going on each day this week at the convention:


The theme of the night is “United Together” and will focus on putting American families first by creating an economy that works for everyone. Two primetime speakers for the evening include First Lady Michelle Obama and former presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. Between suspected plagiarism and reported email leaks, it’s unclear whether the two speakers will bring them up in there speeches.


The focus of the night will be showcasing the efforts Hillary Clinton has made throughout her career as secretary of state. Bill Clinton will be one of the primetime speakers for the evening with a speech he states he wrote himself. Also speaking will be “Mother of the Movement”. These are all mothers of black men and women who have either been killed by gun violence or in the custody of police. The Planned Parenthood Action Fund President, Cecile Richards, is also expected to speak.


This will be a big night for the Democratic Convention as current President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden are expected to give primetime speeches. Both of there speeches will focus on highlighting Hillary’s experiences and what the stakes are for the 2016 election.


The final night of the convention is themed “Stronger Together”. It will focus on the vision Hillary Clinton has for the country. A few speakers include President of the Human Rights Campaign Chad Griffin, LGBT rights activist Sarah McBride, and a former general and commander  John Allen. Primetime speaker will be Chelsea Clinton and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

It is still unclear as to whether or not Hillary’s running mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, will take the stage to make a speech.

The entire convention can be live streamed through the Democratic Convention website.

Rowan Radio will be providing coverage of the event with on-air updates and interviews all week long.


Author: Alyssa I. Compa

My name is Alyssa! I am the Public Affairs Director at Rowan Radio and the host of "A Community Affair", the "Country Road", and the co-host of the "Early Bird Special". In the Fall of 2015, I co-produced a 30 minute radio documentary about gun violence in America. The project is an award winning piece. I inspire to be a radio or television producer in the near future.

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