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DNC Chair Resigns After Wikileaks

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By: Kyle Thomas

PHILADELPHIA – Debbie Wasserman-Schultz , the Democratic National Convention (DNC) Chairwoman, will be stepping down from her position directly after the Convention. She will open and close the show, but officials do not know the length of any statements she will make.

This comes after roughly 20,000 emails were leaked from the DNC servers, which showed multiple instances of collusion toward voters. Many emails discussed strategies on how to smear former candidate Bernie Sanders, the most criticized plan being to attack his Jewish heritage. Emails suggest multiple parties were involved in this email scandal.

Bernie Sanders released a statement via Twitter on Sunday after DWS announced her resignation, saying:

“[DSW] has made the right choice for the future of the Democratic Party….The party leadership must also always remain impartial in the presidential nominating process, something which did not occur in the 2016 race.” -Sanders, 7/24/16

Delving more into the emails, we can find evidence of media control. Yes, I said it. Media control. The following email chain talks about Phil Griffin, CEO of MSNBC. On “Morning Joe”, co-host Mika Brzezinski had stated her opinions, and this was the backlash from officials.

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 Wikileaks, highlighted by Kyle Thomas

This is only one of many email chains sent about influencing MSNBC, specifically the “Morning Joe” show. It appears as if DWS and Griffin talk on a regular basis. Regular enough for breakfast.

But the emails, in their entirety, hold much more information than national collusion. They also show discussions of her own collusion in her home state of Florida. In May of this year, DWS was accused of blocking voter files from her same-party opponent running against her for Congress.

It seems unlikely she would try a stunt like this, directly after Sanders sued the DNC for blocking voter files from him. The case was never closed because the DNC decided to give him the voter files. The files are a party right, not a candidate right. This means anyone running Democrat should have access to all the voter files the DNC has collected, which is why voter file blocking is a big deal.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager is blaming the Russians for the email leak as well. Conservatives are calling it shot in the dark, while the left is trying to gather evidence of it. A Russian trademark of intel gathering is stealing emails, and they have been known to be on US servers within the past year. So there can be more truth to it, but we will have to wait for CIA cooperation on the scandal.

I believe we can expect the DNC to be just as rambunctious and random as the RNC. DWS is clearly in hot water, along with the rest of Democratic leadership. Even Obama is under fire, being blamed for not removing DWS from her chair position at earlier requests. If anything is for certain, expect big things to come up within the next couple days.


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