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A Community Affair Gets FIT


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There are tons of things a person can do to make a difference in their community. Whether it be picking up litter, volunteering at a local animal shelter, or feeding the hungry, there’s always something that can be done. Now you can even make a big difference in a person’s life through exercise.

The Get FIT Program began at Rowan University in 2008. It was created to provide physical education to adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. According to The Arc, there is an estimated 4.6 million Americans that have an intellectual or developmental disability. For many with IDD, exercise can have many benefits including improving their health and social behaviors.

“There aren’t other programs for them to exercise,” said Leslie Spencer, Rowan professor and Get FIT coordinator. “Our clients have moderate to severe disabilities which means they can’t just join the rec center or YMCA and there just really aren’t many opportunities for them to exercise.”

The program allows Rowan students and staff to volunteer as fitness instructors to offer one on one training with the clients.

We were honored to be able to attend one of their classes. Watch the video below to learn more about Get FIT and how to volunteer.


Author: Alyssa I. Compa

My name is Alyssa! I am the Public Affairs Director at Rowan Radio and the host of "A Community Affair", the "Country Road", and the co-host of the "Early Bird Special". In the Fall of 2015, I co-produced a 30 minute radio documentary about gun violence in America. The project is an award winning piece. I inspire to be a radio or television producer in the near future.

2 thoughts on “A Community Affair Gets FIT

  1. This is a great story. I think often times we forget about people with intellectual and developmental disabilities when it comes to their fitness. It’s awesome that Rowan offers this program.


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