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The iPhone 7: Making Android Users Doubt

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By: Kyle Thomas


Kārlis Dambrāns/Flickr

DISCLAIMER: This phone will frustrate any die-hard Android fans. I have never owned an iPhone, which I intended. But it seems Apple heard all of us complaining, and tried to win our hearts back. So far, it’s working.

Apple made the smartphone one of the most popular devices today with the revolution of the iPhone. It seems they were shooting for the stars on the newest model. In my opinion, they got to them.

The camera seemed to be Apple’s biggest focus on hardware. The camera now comes with a mechanical stabilizer to help shaky hands take better photos. They have included a “flicker sensor”, which is able to read the flicker of artificial and incandescent lights and adjust the camera to its best levels.

All of its hardware and software have been heavily improved. Advanced photographers will be happy to hear the iPhone 7 can now shoot using RAW files, while also able to shoot depth-of-field photos. The iPhone 7 Plus is equipped with 2 cameras, allowing for a better zoom. Last but not least, the front camera is now a seven megapixel high-def lens. Truly, Apple thought this camera thing through.


See that familiar sharpness of object and blur in the background? This is known as depth-of-field to photography buffs, now available on the iPhone 7 plus. Photo from: https://c8.staticflickr.com/2/1372/1117264223_1198f8f5f7_b.jpg

While improving many applications and software bugs, they also opened up Messaging and Siri to developers. Look in the Apple Store in the coming months for more useful apps.

The housing for the phone is a polished or matte finish aluminum casing. The aluminum might be prone to denting, but Apple claims it is very hard to scratch and damage this water-resistant phone. It is important to note the iPhone 7 is not waterproof, only resistant.

A new home button has been put in this phone, which hopefully stops the home button from commonly breaking on previous models.

Apple has been late to the game with the addition of stereo speakers, but they finally added them to the iPhone 7. They removed the analog audio jack. Instead, any headphones using a lightning cable will work with the phone.

Apple did recognize people using old headphones, so they provided an adapter for the lightning port to fit analog audio inputs. But, it is now impossible to charge and use headphones at the same time. I do not believe I have ever had to do this, but the internet is freaking out anyway.

New earphones, called the AirPods, are similar to other Bluetooth devices, but a bit smarter. They connect to the iPhone with notification, and users can opt to use only one earbud without any extra effort. Beats® has released a line of headphone specifically for the new iPhone, using the same smart chip the AirPods use.

As always, Apple has ramped up its interface again, making it even easier and more fun for users. Messaging has had a some fun tweaks added, with things like “invisible messages” and entire phone animations. The lock screen is almost its own phone now, being fully customizable for quick use of almost any app.

Lastly, here are the most important hardware specs:

Memory: 32GB, 128, 256

Dimensions: 5.44”x2.64”x0.28” iPhone 7; 6.23”x3.07”x0.29” iPhone 7 Plus

Display: 4.7” iPhone 7; 5.5” iPhone 7 Plus

Chip: A10 Fusion 64 bit w/ M10 motion processor

Camera: 12MP iPhone 7; Two 12 MP cameras, wide angle and telephoto

Video: 4K video at 30 fps

Front Camera: 7 MP, 1080 HD recording

Battery: Up to 14 hours using WiFi; Up to 15 hours using Wifi on iPhone 7 Plus

OS: iOS 10

Full Price (without monthly payments): $649 iPhone 7 32GB, $769 iPhone 7 Plus 32GB

There will always be a devout group set against Apple, but this phone is trying to make the group smaller. Apple is all about the phone again, not just the interface.


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