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5 Halloween Costume Tips

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Vera Kratochvil/Public Domain

By: Samantha Trembly

The scariest holiday is right around the corner and everyone is asking you the same question – what are you going to be for Halloween? Whether you are choosing between 20 different ideas, or you’re completely lost on what to dress up as, picking the perfect costume is tough. Just about every costume seems to be taken, and being original can be pretty difficult. Hopefully these tips help you decide on your costume for this Halloween season!

Get Inspiration!

This time of year, all the seasonal stores open and stock up with tons of Halloween costumes and decorations. If you’re clueless on a costume idea, try going to your local seasonal store to get some ideas. You don’t need to buy a costume, but you can spark some ideas. Still uninspired? Try checking out Pinterest for some more creative and unique ideas!

What’s in your closet?

The perfect costume may be sitting a few feet away. Lots of people save money and stay original by using their own clothing and accessories to make a costume. That white blouse that’s a little too big? Make it the top for your pirate costume. The suit jacket you never have an event to wear to? Now it’s the key part of your politician costume. Funky makeup is a great way to make your ideas come to life and totally transform yourself into something different for a day. The possibilities are endless, go through your closet and see what items you can pair up. DIY all the way!

Consider your Halloween plans…

Are you spending your Halloween outside? Then you probably want to check the weather – there’s nothing worse than freezing because your costume isn’t warm enough! Maybe you are going to dance the night away at a party, in which case you’re going to want a costume you can move in. If you are one to spill things on yourself, that all-white angel costume may not be the way to go this Halloween. Keep your plans in mind when deciding on a costume!

Strength in numbers!

You’re still stuck on a costume idea and have no idea what to do. Ask your friends if they have their idea already, and see if you can get a group costume! Tons of people dress up in a group theme, giving you so many more options for ideas. With a group, you don’t have to worry about constantly getting asked “what is your costume?”, chances are people are going to get it right away! With more people in the picture, you have more people thinking of ideas to get the ball rolling and come up with a great idea.

It can be tough to decide on a costume with Halloween coming up fast. But considering these tips can make it a little easier on choosing your perfect costume for the holiday. Halloween is the perfect opportunity to be something you’ve always wanted to be for a day – use your imagination when deciding on an idea. Get creative and have fun this Halloween!


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