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5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness


Paying BillsWith all the stresses in our lives (school, work, friends, etc.) it is easy to forget to focus on your own happiness. The good news is, there are lots of easy ways to increase your happiness every day. From being active and social to just getting some quiet alone time, here are so fun and easy ways to increase your happiness.

  1. Exercise

Exercising is great for improving your overall happiness. Being active also releases endorphins in the body. Playing a sport on a team or working out in group classes combines social interaction and personal satisfaction. There are many opportunities for group and team fitness, such as volleyball, kickboxing class, tennis, and spin classes. Rather exercise in a quieter atmosphere? Try yoga, running, weight-training, or cycling. You’ll feel good and make your body stronger – all while increasing your happiness.

  1. Laugh more

Laughing doesn’t just show that you’re happy, it can increase your happiness too! Laughing relaxes your body and releases endorphins, the body’s feel-good chemicals, improving your mood and mentality. In addition to that, laughing also boosts the immune system and protects your heart. So put on a funny movie or go to a comedy club with some friends and laugh!

  1. List what you’re thankful for

Our minds tend to focus on the negatives, especially when we are experiencing high levels of stress. When we try to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, we make ourselves feel better and happier overall. Writing can be therapeutic by itself, and it is especially calming when you are writing about the things you are grateful for in your life. Are you thankful for a family member? A pet? Your favorite book? Write all these down and be able to see all the aspects of your life that bring you joy.

  1. SLEEP!

Do you ever stay up all night trying to get work done, or to finish the last episode in your favorite TV show? One way or another, we’ve all done it – sacrificed sleep to get something else done. While you may get a feeling of accomplishment when you finish what you’re working on, missing sleep often can take a toll on your happiness. Catching up on sleep, and making sure you get enough each night will improve your mood, increase your energy and contribute to a healthier lifestyle. If you notice one day you’re feeling more irritable or sluggish, you may just be in need of sleep. That doesn’t mean you need to sleep all hours of the day to be happy – 6 to 8 hours should do just fine!

  1. Change your schedule

Has your life ever felt like more of a routine? We can feel unhappy when our lives seem like the same events every day. You can increase your happiness by adding something new to your everyday life. Try changing your schedule once in a while with new activities. You don’t need to make big changes to feel the benefits either – small things such as trying a new recipe, taking an art class, or making time to go for a walk can do the trick. This break from the monotony will stimulate your brain to increase mental activity and maybe even inspire you to make a habit out of your new activity!

Your happiness is just as important as anything else in your life. Focusing on yourself and how you feel will help you to improve in all aspects of your life, as well as feel more accomplished by your improvements!  These tips are just some of the ways you can increase your happiness every day. Try one today!


3 thoughts on “5 Ways to Increase Your Happiness

  1. Great post, very helpful thanks for sharing!


  2. An awesome lifestyle post! Great job! It was very enjoyable.


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