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Mind Over Matter: Stress Relief Strategies

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It is essential to have a toolbox of strategies to get through tough times that everyone goes through. There are ways for you to not only feel like you’ve overcome a fear, but to feel accomplished and energized in doing so. Below are tips to help you use Mind Over Matter skill sets.


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Filling Your Toolbox 


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  1. Deep Breathing Exercises. This is perhaps the most important tip to overcoming any anxiety or stress. Whether your trying to hold your hand in below freezing water for $1,000, entering a room full of people you don’t know, or facing ] any situation, deep breathing exercises can be beneficial. One way is to breath in for a count of four, hold for a moment, and breathe out for a count of four, all through your nose. Repeat this process five or six times. This can be done anywhere at anytime, which makes it a great tool while in a high-anxiety situation.
  2. Physical Exercise. Being active releases endorphins, and those endorphins can higher your tolerance for pain and spark feelings of positivity. Being active on a more regular basis can do wonders for your stress levels. Yoga is a great way to balance your mind and build mental strength.
  3. Write Down Worries. If something is really worrying you, writing it down is one of the best ways to get it off your chest. It may even change the perspective of what it is that is making you worried or anxious.
  4. Get Enough Sleep. This tip mixes well with getting regular exercise. Having a balance in all aspects of your life is essential to how well you can cope with stress. Breathing exercises like the one above can also help you when your trying to fall asleep.

It is imperative to teach yourself these skills prior to situations that will cause feelings of stress or anxiety. To have these skills in your toolbox will help you to manage mind over any matter.


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