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2017: The Year For a New, Stylish You

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Happy New Year, everyone and I would like to thank you for reading the various blogs over the course of 2016, but let’s focus on 2017. If you make one New Year’s resolution in 2017, make it a resolution that you can stick to for the rest of your life. If it’s daily exercise or eating healthier, we have all slipped up on that from one time to another, so don’t be discouraged. The resolution that I am writing about is changing your overall style in terms of clothing choices.

I know that many who read this might feel that I am being judgmental, but the whole world is, so get used to it. People are going to judge you based on how you dress. If you’re applying for a major company, no matter what the field, you have to look the part, and there are a few, easy ways to dress “a little” nicer without looking like you’re going to a black tie event.

 First, is a basic “rule” of sorts: make sure your shoes match the color of the belt that you wear if the belt is visible.

This is a fairly simple rule to follow, when wearing a dress shirt or a polo (tennis/golf) shirt, tuck it in to your pants. In this case, the belt should be visible, matching the color of the shoes that you are wearing.belt-952834_640

Photo courtesy of: https://pixabay.com/en/photos/belts/

 Second, make sure that the dress shirt/polo fits your body properly.

This isn’t an easy rule to follow because you have to find the patience/time to search for a great fitting dress shirt or polo. A safe bet is to try and size down if the polo or dress shirt says “regular fit”. Meaning that if you normally wear a size large, try the medium size. However, if the dress shirt or polo says “slim fit” or “custom fit” perhaps you should size up or try on the extra large size if you normally wear the large.man-white-shirt-male-person-159787

Photo courtesy of: http://api-server.pexels.com/photo/man-in-white-dress-shirt-and-brown-necktie-and-black-dress-pants-159787/

If one takes nothing else of what I just said in the first and second “rules”, try shirts on at stores.

I understand that it might be a pain to take the time to try shirts on, but trust me, you have to do it. Perhaps you have an impulse to buy a shirt (which I often do, I must admit), you need to come up with a reason to why you shouldn’t pay out the cash. Try it on. If it doesn’t fit the way you would like it to, then you just saved yourself some dough.

Pants should fit well, just like dress shirts or polos.

I can’t count how many times I have seen men walking around in baggy (loose fitting) jeans and sweatpants. In my opinion, these two are “no-goes” unless you are working outside or working out in a gym. Pants or trousers or even jeans, should fit your body type properly. If you have a naturally-thin build, perhaps you should try skinny jeans. If you’re carrying just a “little bit” of weight in your mid-section, slim, slim straight or just straight jeans or trousers might suit you best. I can’t re-iterate enough to try your pants on in the store, there is not much worse in the world of clothing than pants that just fit you badly or won’t stay up.jeans-1286886_640

Always wear a belt if you’re out in public.

Trust me. It always looks better and it will help keep your pants up if they don’t fit perfectly. And always buy a belt two inches greater than your pants size. For example if you wear a size 32 inches pant buy a 34 inches belt.


I understand that venturing out and doing something new can bring out feelings of anxiety, but I feel like you will feel better about yourself and be dressed for success. You can’t be successful if you don’t look successful. I would appreciate any comments from readers as to whether you agree with me or not. In addition, I understand that this is garnered towards men. I would be interested in getting the female perspective in the world of style as well, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment.



Author: Jason Lutz

I am currently a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Communications in the Radio, TV and Film department. Being an on-air radio host or a famous blogger are my career goals. Fitness is a passion of mine and I like to inform my readers about the latest diet crazes, exercise routines and even simple, life advice. My interest in fitness and health developed when I was a junior in high school. That year I lost over eighty pounds, and I have kept a majority of the weight off.

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