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Find Your Space


Having a place that you feel is your own outside busy life can be extremely beneficial in more that one way. Clubs, sports, fitness classes, volunteering, being part of marches and/or other activities can be an important way to escape day to day reality.

As adults, it may seem harder or less desirable to do any of this, but here are 5 HUGE reason why being apart of SOMETHING will benefit your mind, body, and soul.

Beverly McIver's Spring 2015 intermediate/advanced painting class at Duke

Found in Public Domain



  1. Finding your space, and who you are. It is easy to get caught up in the repetitive motions of life: wake, eat, work, sleep, repeat. Sometimes I feel like I am on auto-pilot and it is not until I am focused in the place I love that I can fully breathe and appreciate life. Joining an activity or club that you can find even a little passion in will wake your brain up, and most of all MAKE YOU SMILE!
  2. Spending time with people who share similar interests as you. Being able to connect with people is a beautiful part of humanity. When you can relate to someone on a deeper level and share the experience of yoga, painting, drinking wine, whatever it may be, a sense of belonging is created.
  3. Exploring new ideas. Maybe you try a community painting class first, then a fitness group class, and possibly an outdoor club. You can explore what ever interests you, there are so many options and many APPS for your phone that can help you find different activities.
  4. Getting yourself out there, you never know what opportunities are out waiting for you! It has been said that as individuals we do the most growing when we are the most uncomfortable. Pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones can be extremely rewarding.
  5. ESCAPE REALITY! Do you ever feel like you just want to get away? Attending activities, classes, or clubs can be this reason. As stated earlier, if you find passion in any of your trials, you are escaping reality and connecting with your soul. Whether its kickboxing, drawing, or anything else, this is YOUR chance to get away for just a little while, and reenergize yourself.


2017 is here, and thus far it is proving to be a chaotic and challenging year. We all need to breathe and remember WE ARE IN CONTROL OF OUR OWN LIVES! So, take control, and find a passion that can break you away from the buzz of daily life.



3 thoughts on “Find Your Space

  1. Great article! I agree that we often need time to be at peace with ourselves because life can be so hard at times. This is definitely a good blog presenting practical advice.

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