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I rarely ever get sick. Do you want to know why?

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We are well into cold and flu season and you might be thinking that if you haven’t had your flu shot yet, trouble is on the horizon.

However, I am here to tell you that I have never had a flu shot in my lifetime, and I have never been very sick. Nor do I catch the common cold as much as I have in the past. This could be a coincidence, but I refuse to believe that my lifestyle has nothing to do with this. Overall, I am quite consistent in keeping clean, especially using hand sanitizer.

This is something that I rarely leave the house without because since I have started using it, about four years ago, I have felt good on a day-to-day basis. In addition, you don’t even have to buy a national brand, such as Purell. Generics, such as those found at retailers like Target and Wal Mart are perfect for a college student on a strict budget. The secret to using hand sanitizer is to use it after you shake hands with someone and touch a door or classroom surface, such as a desk. Perhaps you will look like a germaphobe, but you probably won’t be sick nearly as much as previously.

Staying on the topic of generic brands, Vaseline is simply petroleum jelly.


Photo courtesy of: http://www.target.com

Find something that says “petroleum jelly”. I want to preface that this might sound distasteful, use a cotton swab to lubricate your nostrils with the jelly. I have been swabbing my nostrils for years, and I feel, that it keeps dust and other particles in the air from entering inside. Suffering from allergies, this method has helped to alleviate symptoms, such as sneezing and nasal congestion.

Exercising and healthy eating habits are important aspects when trying to rev up your immune system. If you have access to some type of stair-stepper or treadmill machine, I recommend that you work up a good sweat at least twice a week.


Photo courtesy of: res.freestockphotos.biz/pictures/16/1659/a-woman-running-on-a-treadmill-pv.jpg

This should get all of the junk out of your body and help to build up immunity. As for what I eat, I try to get one banana, one apple and some baby carrots into my meals once-a-day.

These foods are high in nutrients and an apple or banana makes for a good breakfast. It is critical to start your morning with a good breakfast to give you energy throughout the day.

Please note that my methods might not be fool proof and perhaps you should seek your physician for advice on building up your immunity. However, it has worked for me and if you’re someone who is constantly sick, what do you have to lose?


Author: Jason Lutz

I am currently a senior at Rowan University, majoring in Communications in the Radio, TV and Film department. Being an on-air radio host or a famous blogger are my career goals. Fitness is a passion of mine and I like to inform my readers about the latest diet crazes, exercise routines and even simple, life advice. My interest in fitness and health developed when I was a junior in high school. That year I lost over eighty pounds, and I have kept a majority of the weight off.

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