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Nick’s Not So Early Review – Alien: Covenant *possible spoilers*

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Years ago when I saw the first “Alien” (1979) movie on TV I knew I had I watched one of the greatest sci-fi/horror films of all time. Still to this day, “Alien” holds up as a great film, even its 1986 follow-up, “Aliens”, is considered to be one of the best sequels and action films ever made. However, after “Aliens” the following 2 sequels, “Aliens 3″(1992) and “Alien: Resurrection” (1997) missed the mark and failed to reach the success that the first 2 movies had achieved. After 1997 is was safe to assume that another Alien movie would be kept in hypersleep and never seen again. That is until 2004 and 2007 when we were treated with 2 Alien vs. Predator movies. Well, apparently these reignited interest in the Alien franchise and in 2012 we were given the prequel that was “Prometheus”, which gave us the backstory and origin on how Xenomorph of the “Alien” series came to be. “Alien: Covenant” does in fact bridge the gap between “Prometheus” and “Alien”, but not entirely. According to multiple websites, Ridley Scott has plans for at least 6 more Alien movies. But let’s focus on the most recent one that was released on May 19th, “Alien: Covenant”.

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*Warning, if you have not seen “Prometheus” or “Alien: Covenant” there may be possible spoilers ahead.

“Alien: Covenant” begins with the android/synthetic David and his creator Peter Weyland. David and Peter have a conversation about life, we can assume that the events of “Prometheus” happen, and then we are taken to an unknown part of space where we meet Walter, another Fassbender synthetic. With the crew in a state of hypersleep, Walter is left to maintain and operate the ship until it arrives at its destination for a colonization mission. The crew is soon brought out of their slumber and discover signal being broadcast from a nearby planet and decide to investigate. I won’t go further into the plot so that I can avoid too many spoilers.

“Alien: Covenant” absolutely succeeds in terms of being a good sci-fi horror movie. However, I found that it failed in being an “Alien” movie. As seen in the trailer the very recognizable Xenomorph Alien does make an appearance. But the screentime of the Xenomorph seemed to be very short and its presence felt secondary and happenstance to the story. In my opinion, the movie should have been branded and named the same way “Prometheus” was, simply call the movie “Covenant” and my expectations would have been met and possibly exceeded. My main complaint about “Alien: Covenant” is that it felt like a movie filled with nothing but lore and backstory. The plot of “Covenant” was to explain the origin of the Xenomorph and where it came from, and from I can tell so far, it has no connection to the “Predator” movies, at least not yet. Like I said Ridley Scott has plans for 6 more Alien movies, so who knows what Scott has in store for us.

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Overall the movie was entertaining despite my issue with the plot. I absolutely recommend that you watch “Prometheus” before “Alien: Covenant”. With that being said it’s a must watch for the die-hard Alien fan and a “wait for it to show up on cable” for the casual fan. I give “Alien: Covenant” 6 chest bursters out of 10.


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