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The Vinyl Frontier Vinyl Reviews: “Clear Hearts Grey Flowers” by Jack Off Jill, 2000

Jack Off Jill is a band that never got the fame they deserved. Now, there are tons of bands who would be described in the same way, but that is undeservingly so. Jack Off Jill formed in 1992 by frontwoman and songwriter Jessika Fodera (known as Jessika Addams). Coming out of the Ft. Lauderdale goth rock scene along with Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids; they had a distinct sense of sharp songwriting and self-empowerment that Manson lacked. Whether it’s the bands “risqué” name or their brevity in existence, JOJ didn’t make it big. However, this is not to say they didn’t leave us an album worthy of immense praise and awe, and “ Clear Hearts Grey Flowers” is that such album.

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The Vinyl Frontier’s Vinyl Reviews: Petal “Shame” 2015

Throughout this column, I’ll take a look at album from whatever the year is, either from 1967 or 2017. I’m not rating these albums or doing only new album reviews, just albums that I regard as a staple for any particular band. Albums that have made a personal impact for myself, or that are a staple of a particular genre. So, To start this newly christened review column for Rowan Radio, I want to take a look at a fairly new album. Petal is a local band from Scranton, PA, and kicked off their career with an incredible EP from 2012 called “Scout”. “Scout” was a 4 track (5 on digital download) collection of nearly dream-popesque emo songs, with the multi-talented Kiley Lotz as the main singer/ songwriter. I will say this right now, that if you wish to get into Petal, start with that EP.

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The Booty Shakin’ Electric Factory Festival Experience

This last Saturday, 5/6/17, I attended the SOLD OUT outdoor festival at The Electric Factory in Philadelphia. A mere 6 months ago this festival wasn’t even scheduled to happen. By sheer happenstance 2 different tours were going to be in Philadelphia around the same time, Devin Townsend Project + Gojira + Opeth and Russian Circles + Eagles of Death Metal + Mastodon. Because all of the bands are friends and have mutual fan bases they decided to combine the 2 shows into 1 big festival at the Electric Factory. 6 bands, 8 hours of music, 1 stage, SOLD OUT.

This was my experience….


Courtesy of Nick Lang


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Mind Over Matter: Stress Relief Strategies


It is essential to have a toolbox of strategies to get through tough times that everyone goes through. There are ways for you to not only feel like you’ve overcome a fear, but to feel accomplished and energized in doing so. Below are tips to help you use Mind Over Matter skill sets.


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